RPM-24 Instant Replay Controller

$995.00 (800) 927-6940

RPM-24 is a 24-key USB controller using our Replay Pro Macro commands to streamline and automate the instant replay process for live sports video production using NewTek TriCaster, also providing advanced DDR functions.

Product Information

RPM-24 can be utilized by the TriCaster Operator or a dedicated Replay Operator working as part of the production team. RPM-24 differs from other controllers in that the user has complete control of the replay process without needing to access the TriCaster keyboard, mouse or Control Surface. Replays are set up and executed easily and quickly with one convenient interface, providing consistent results.

RPM-24 key features:

  • Two fully-automated instant replay templates accessible with one-button ease
  • Zoom In feature expands video frame 200% for close-up playback focus
  • Automated Audio Mute engages for slow-motion or reverse-play functions
  • Precise bi-directional frame-by-frame video playback for detailed analysis
  • 25% and 50% slow-motion buttons (speed presets user-definable)
  • 25, 50, and 100% reverse-playback can be toggled shuttle-style
  • Transition Delegate controls for automated title behaviors
  • One-button Record-Chop instantly adds replay clips to DDR2
  • DDR ‘Tab Follow’ functionality with select DDR2 operations
  • Back-lit keys are clean and easy to read in any environment

Standard functions included:

  • DDR2 Next and Previous clip selection
  • DDR2 Single and Autoplay toggle functions
  • AUTO Transition can be used for any purpose
  • DDR2 Play and Stop (Stop via Frame Advance)

Special functionality programmed into RPM-24: 

  • RPM Replay buttons auto-configure the DDR, speed, audio, and transition animation settings for consistent replay results every time. No worries about whether DDR Loop, Single, or Auto features are correctly toggled for a Replay – RPM does it for you with one easy button press.
  • Ergonomic button placement provides intuitive, precise control of playback speed/direction. Provides instant feedback without the inherent lag of a jog-shuttle when changing playback direction and/or speeds. Instantly switch from any available speed or direction to another.
  • Frame-by-frame and slow-motion functions program DDR2 so that it can’t transition out of replay mode prematurely during footage review. Manual overrides available at any time.
  • One button grabs the replay clip and another initiates a completely automated replay sequence, with animated transitions and slow-motion.
  • Auto-replay at 50% speed (speed preset may be changed by user), or HOLD option readies replay clip for user-controlled playback from paused clip.

RPM-24 Key Overview

  • REC CHOP – Add 5-second instant replay clip to DDR2 (starts REC if not currently recording)
  • RPM Slow – Initiates DDR2 instant replay at 50% speed (user-definable), transition back to live
  • RPM Hold – Initiates DDR2 instant replay, holding first frame, user controls playback manually
  • Play25 – Change DDR2 playback to 25% during playback (user-definable speed)
  • Play50 – Change DDR2 playback to 50% during playback (user-definable speed)
  • Play100 – Change DDR2 playback to 100% during playback
  • Rev25 – Change DDR2 playback to -25% during playback (user-definable)
  • Rev50 – Change DDR2 playback to -50% during playback (user-definable)
  • Rev100 – Change DDR2 playback to -100% during playback
  • ADV – Pauses DDR2 playback and/or advances one frame forward
  • REV – Pauses DDR2 playback and/or reverses by one frame
  • Zoom In – Expand DDR2 clip image 200% (center expands)
  • Zoom Out – Return DDR2 image to 100% size after Zoom In
  • Prev – Selects previous DDR2 clip
  • Next – Selects next DDR2 clip
  • Auto – Transitions delegated sources (BKGD, DSK1, DSK2)
  • DDR2 Single – Toggles DDR2 Single clip playback mode
  • DDR2 Auto – Toggles DDR2 Auto playback mode
  • PREV Trans – Selects Previous BKGD transition
  • NEXT Trans – Selects Next BKGD transition
  • BKGD – Sets Transition Delegate state to BGKD only
  • DSK1/BKGD – Sets Transition Delegate to BKGD/DSK1
  • DSK2/BKGD – Sets Transition Delegate BKGD/DSK2
  • BKGD/DSK1/DSK2 – Sets Transition Delegate to BKGD/DSK1/DSK2

Included Items

  • RPM-24 USB controller with 1.4m cable, Replay Pro Macro software, instructions


  • One USB 2.0 port on TriCaster
  • Compatible with TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, or 8000 units with Rev. 2-3 or higher software
  • Uses DDR2 for Replay. Uses Primary Recording channel.
  • (optional) ZOOM feature uses M/E 4 (M/E 8 on 860 and 8000).
  • NOT compatible with older TriCaster models.